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Relieve the Stress of Benefits Administration

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Benefits administration can cause a great deal of stress within your HR department. Whether you’re heading into the stressful open enrollment period or your staff is feeling stressed after a particularly challenging week, here are some key ways to relieve stress and create a positive company culture in your HR department.

Practice Moderation in the Workplace

Balancing new projects with routine work can be especially challenging for an HR department. If your employees need to focus on open enrollment tasks while juggling their daily workload, this can lead to stress and feelings of burnout. Find ways to alleviate these tasks and assist your employees in balancing their expanded workload.

Communicate Across the Generation Line

How many generations are represented in your company? Many HR departments are working with as many as four generations of employees. These generation lines can cloud communication and make it difficult to clearly communicate with every individual. Find a clear communication strategy that works for everyone in the office to ensure that their jobs are as stress-free as possible.

Assist Employees in Understanding Benefits

Finally, your HR department may already have benefits and resources available to relieve stress in the workplace, but your employees may not be aware of it. Encourage your HR department to carefully review all the relevant benefits, and consider training your employees in the resources available to them. This will encourage them to take advantage of the many resources you’ve already invested in and assist them in relieving stress without adding additional benefits or investing in other resources.

Don’t let your HR employees suffer from unnecessary stress and burnout this open enrollment season. Take the time to educate them on their relevant benefits, balance their workload and keep a positive company culture as your entire company navigates a busy week or season.

How to Offer Dental Insurance in Benefits Packages

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Benefits are important to your employees. Providing the best possible options to the men and women who work hard for you is a great way to show your appreciation. Though general health insurance packages can be helpful, you may also want to offer a bit more. Dental insurance, for example, can make all the difference when it comes to delivering a benefits package that will get your employees excited. To select the right option, you may need a better understanding of what coverage is provided by a solid dental plan.

Preventative Care

Most dental plans will offer preventative care. This feature helps you, the insurance provider, and your employees save money because preventative care limits the need for more expensive and involved procedures. This will usually cover an annual checkup and cleaning, though it will not always fully cover services like x-rays, fillings, or surgical procedures.

Orthodontia Options

While preventative care can be a good foundation, you may want to go above and beyond with what you’re providing your staff. Orthodontia options are available through some providers, which helps to cover some or all of the costs of corrective dental treatments.

A Large Network

There are specific factors you want to consider when shopping around for the right insurance. Not all plans are created equal, and some options limit what dentists you and your employees can visit. Closely examine the network options offered by the insurance provider before making your decision. Some plans will even allow you to go outside of your network and select your own dentist, so take your time to find a plan that provides the broadest range of options.

Whistles and Bells

Some dental plans go a bit farther than others in plan design. Some will allow “takeover” credit from a prior plan so that you do not have to go through a waiting period when changing from one carrier to another. Some plans also offer a  “rollover” feature that allows you to carry over part of your annual maximum benefit—very nice if you typically just get your scheduled cleanings and in a future year had to have some major dental work done.

Picking out health benefits for your employees can be a challenge. By considering options like dental coverage, you’re doing your part to provide for the people who help make your business a success.

Ben Admin Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

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Open enrollment for human resources can be a stressful time of year for many companies. This additional workload can be managed by a benefit administration system. However, many of these systems are costly and create additional headaches. Another problem is that there is not one perfect system, a new one seems to pop up every day. The goal is to find a cost-effective benefit administration system that works for your company’s particular situation that allows you to not only navigate open enrollment season with less stress, but also manage adds/terms/changes throughout the year!

Choose a system that doesn’t just offer a one-time service or month-long subscription. Instead, partner with a company who is willing to provide you with year-round support for any issue that may arise. This long-term partnership allows you to prepare for  your companies benefits administration far easier than last-minute strategies. Plan ahead and offer year-round access as an additional benefit to your employees. Dynamic software options make it easy to track these changes and offer these comprehensive services any time of year.

With an automated tracking system, the best benefit administration packages keep you on track effortlessly. Leverage your time as you effectively management eligibility, navigate open enrollment and create a positive company culture in the process.

While some companies only offer the system at open enrollment, many more companies provide this service throughout the year. If your company has year round enrollments with new hires, terminations….etc, don’t work with a company that’s designed to only provide these services for December and January. Find a program that gives you the same flexibility you’ve passed on to your employees.

You don’t have to pay a fortune to receive all of these innovative services. Discover how affordable, effective and efficient benefit administration software when offered through BeneChoice Enrollment Solutions & Technology can be! Whether you work with a large team or are just starting a small business, discover today how a comprehensive enrollment solution can give you the leverage you need to keep your business moving forward.

Why You Need a Benefits Enrollment Firm

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Businesses of any size, shape, or structure can improve benefits enrollment success with the use of an enrollment firm. Enrollment firms use benefits counselors to provide, one on one consultations with all benefit eligible employees which maximize participation by delivering the education that employees need to make the best choices for their household. Benefits enrollment firms lend expertise that every business can take advantage of to ensure the best value for their employees.

The Resources You Need

One of the resources that enrollment firms share is a collection of communication specialists who are trained in explaining the value of core and voluntary benefits. Some other resources provided by enrollment firms include benefit administration systems, call center, and new hire onboarding support for employee benefits enrollment across multiple locations, systems to reach all employees, and implementation strategies fit for businesses of any size or structure.

Communication Leads to Satisfaction

When employers use enrollment firms, they are able to gather information about their employees and provide exactly what their employees need. Employee communication and education are supercharged resulting in Employees that are much more satisfied with their benefits and have an improved understanding of what is offered to them. Wellness programs and most other benefits surge with employee engagement once thoroughly explained. According to Trustmark’s Independent study of employees, 93% of employees want to talk to someone for benefits information and most HR departments don’t have the resources to spend more than a few minutes with each employee.

Reduce HR Strain

Another major benefit of using benefits enrollment firms is the reduced strain on the workload of human resources departments. During enrollment periods, it is often a benefit to have one-on-one enrollment, but most HR departments cannot give the number of hours that this process requires. When an enrollment firm comes in, they will coach employees and answer employees’ questions through every step along the way. In the Trustmark study listed above, 90% of employees who had one-on-one enrollment with an insurance representative expressed high satisfaction with their enrollment.

Popular Corporate Initiatives

Benefits Services for Employers

  • Benefits administration systems
  • Tools for Affordable Care Act reporting
  • On-boarding and on-boarding support


Nash Skiles
Co-Founder & SVP of Sales – BeneChoice Enrollment Solutions & Technology
Founding Member – National Enrollment Partners

These Benefits Could Reduce Your Workers Comp Claims

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What if we told you that offering voluntary accident and disability insurance benefits to your employees could actually reduce the number of workers compensation claims filed each year?

That could mean big savings for your business.

You may be asking “How?”

We recently read a report from AFLAC that surveyed 1,500 benefits decision makers and 5,000 employees across the country.

Of the employers surveyed, approximately 50% offer voluntary accident and disability insurance benefits.

When looking specifically at those employers, 35% said that they have seen a significant decrease in workers compensation claims.

How much could your business save by reducing workers compensation claims by 75% or more?

The amount saved through avoiding many workers compensation claims vastly outweighs any additional costs associated with providing voluntary benefits, such as voluntary accident and disability insurance.

In the end, 51% of the employers offering these voluntary benefits saw some level of reduction in workers compensation claims. Read more statistics here (link).

The best news?

BeneChoice can help your business set up these benefits– at ZERO cost to you.

What’s even better, we offer support that significantly removes the benefits burden from your HR department. Services such as:

  1. Pre-enrollment communications
  2. An online customized benefits homepage showing core benefits as well as voluntary benefits
  3. Personalized enrollment sessions
  4. Core and/or voluntary benefits enrollment service

We also offer benefits counselors that can provide personalized one-to-one time (either onsite or by phone) with your employees. Our experienced counselors have the expertise to explain benefits in a way that’s simple and straightforward so that employees understand which benefits they need to fit their individual lifestyles and budgets.

Questions? Contact us today (link) and we can answer all of your questions!

How to Help Dissatisfied Employees with High Deductibles

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Are your employees, like most employees, unhappy with rising insurance costs?

Did you know that with no direct cost to the company, you can offer them options that minimize their out-of-pocket expenses?

I am very happy to announce that BeneChoice has a solution for these high-deductibles: the High Deductible Gap Plan (HDGP) package.

This package provides 3 solid options to employees to help them cover expenses allocated to their deductible…at no direct cost to the employer.

That’s right: no more dissatisfied employees and no more overloaded HR managers trying to handle all their complaints!

Click here now to learn how this package will transform the way you offer insurance.

At BeneChoice, our main concern is helping business owners like you solve their biggest health insurance challenges. In fact, we’ve been doing it for over 30 years!

To support your benefits offerings, BeneChoice:

  1. Makes it easier for you to opt for lower premium health plans.
  2. Reduces high deductibles at no direct cost to the employer.
  3. Handles all aspects of employee communication and paperwork, with no extra work for you.
  4. Works with your current health broker to make your life easy.

But most importantly, we help you protect one of your most important assets – your business and employees.

Call 717-490-6313 to learn how we can help your organization today.

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